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Company Profile

Founded in Kofu in 1966 ,the capital city of Yamanashi Prefecture which is well known through the world for its jewellery manufactory and hold approximately one-thirds of Japan's total jewelry production , Showa jewelry mfg Co, Inc. have been one of the leading manufacturer of pearl mounting in Japan and enjoys good reputation for more than 40 years. On these multiple and personalized days,stones and materials alter more quickly.We hold our principles and add the latest style into our products to adapt current tendency.we will keep working hard to produce original and high quality jewelry sincerely.

Company Philosophy

Besides business,we cooperate with people sincerely to do everything.
Besides within the company,we cooperate with clients friendly.
Besides tech,we don't stop trying to design and develop new materials.

Company Outline
Company Name Showa Jewellery Mfg. Co. Inc.
Headquarters 4-20 Ohte 2-Chome,Kofu,Yamanashi,Japan
TEL:81-55-253-0011 FAX:81-55-251-7550
Date of Establishment January 1,1966 in Kofu
Established September 26,1967 in Kofu
Capitalizationl ¥12,000,000
Net Sales ¥520,000,000 (In 2005)
Employees 12 
Co-factories 40 factories located in Kofu、Ise(Mie)、Tokyo、HongKong
Board of Directors
President Niichi Mochiduki
Managing Director Masashi Mochiduki
Director Toshie Mochiduki
Law adviser Furuya Law & Accounting office
History and Timeline
Jan 1 , 1966 established independently in 13-13, Tenjin , Kofu
Sep 26,1967 Reorganization of Mochituki Co. Inc. Registered capital:¥1,500,000
Sep 9 ,1968 Renamed to Showa Jewellery Mfg. Co. Inc.
Dec 22,1969 Removed to 2-38, Yakata 2-Tyome , Kofu
Oct 21,1981 Removed to 4-20,Ohte 2-Chome, Kofu
Dec 16,1983 reorganization of Showa Jewellery Mfg. Co. Inc.
Dec 22,1983 Capital increasement to ¥6,000,000  
Mar,1992 Showa Jewellery Mfg. Co. Inc Removed to Ohte 2-Chome,Kofu
May,1993 Capital increasement to ¥12,000,000